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Woman with Fitness Ropes

Enso Fitness

We are a boutique gym located in the heart of Acadiana. We provide a welcoming environment that provides support to our members. 

Welcome to Enso

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Women's Room

With our swipe-card entry system, only Women have access to this room. 

Cardio Room

Lights on or off? That's up to you.

Watch a movie or TV show while walking on the treadmill or climbing the stair master. 

Aerobics Room

A large space for single or group workouts. Rowers, jump ropes, punching bag and more. Turn on our Bluetooth Bose speakers and get the most out of your workout. With access to spin bikes, yoga mats, and exercise balls, this room has it all. 

Co-Ed Room & Leg Room

Our Co-Ed Room has every free-weight and machine you need. Yes, you read that right, we have a room dedicated to your legs. Rubber plates, kettlebells, and more.

Outdoor Equipment

Four laps for a mile around our outdoor track. We have all the equipment you will need for a good sweat outside. We have tires, cement balls, sleds, log bars, battle ropes and more! 

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